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Geocharme: hôtellerie and organic agriculture come together

Geocharme Luxury Collection offers its own organic foods in its hotels, for a 360-degree well-being of guests!

The Sicilian brand, a collection of Boutique Hotels, Restaurants and Spas, is also an organic farm that produces tropical fruits, Nocellara cultivar extra virgin olive oil, orange blossom and mango honey, Sicilian olives and citrus fruits, using the organic farming method. . And this, operationally, means that the Geocharme hotels offer their guests products that, at zero kilometer and without the use of chemicals, arrive directly from the organic farm to the Breakfast buffet, but also for lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurants.



The hospitality of Geocharme

Hospitality designed to best satisfy customers requires careful intervention on many factors, from the design and functionality of the rooms to the professionalism of the human resources who work in the hotel; from the care of the surrounding natural context to the cleaning of the internal environments; from the relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere of the wellness areas to the attention to catering and, of course, to food. For these reasons and for many others, Geocharme has decided over the years to combine beauty and goodness, design and respect for Nature, welcoming people and protecting the environment.

Everything, from the furniture to the kitchen, from the services to the management of human resources, is designed and built by trying to enhance the area, avoid waste, and promote quality.


Organic products in the hotel

In this logic of values, some products offered in the breakfasts and also used in the restaurants of the hotels, come from Canalotto Farm, the organic farm of Geocharme located in south-western Sicily, a few kilometers from the Selinunte National Park.

At breakfast, guests can enjoy Apogeo, the honey with a unique and refined flavor, because it is produced by the bees of the hives that, on the farm, take the nectar of the mango and orange blossom flowers.

In the first place, because present at every meal, there is the excellent Olio Perfectum, an organic extra virgin olive oil cultivar Nocellara del Belice: it has an intense green color, a scent of freshly harvested olive and an unmistakable, slightly bitter and spicy.

It is offered at dinner, to taste it with the bread produced by our chefs: a perfect union between freshly made bread and an oil whose name says it all; or to dress salads, for breakfast or lunch, or on bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella and bottarga, raw, to enhance its unmistakable flavor.

For the aperitif, "Perfecte" organic olives in brine are also offered: Nocellara del Belice, large and juicy, ideal to accompany a glass of wine or a cocktail, perhaps flavored with organic lime from Canalotto Farm.

And the citrus fruits of Sicily: these too, organic, are present as long as the season allows it: Sicilian orange juice rich in vitamins; organic Sicilian lemons that flavor the centrifuged.

Healthy products, with the unmistakable flavor that comes from the Sicilian sun and from organic farming, which can also be easily purchased online at

A union between beauty and good that Geocharme takes care of every day with passion, for itself and for its guests!

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