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Experience the multitude of tastes of the local products


In the Geocharme Collection, the particularity of the Kitchen is above all the use of some products from our Canalotto Farm (Organic Farm):
- Organic Nocellara extra virgin olive oil, proposed at the table for tasting and used for the preparation of the menu's dishes

- Organic Fresh fruit, according to the season: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruitsbut also organic Sicilian mango and avocado. At breakfast, at the end of the meal, and for juices and centrifuged too.

- Citrus blossom honey, Organic Extra jams (citrus and tropical fruit) at breakfast, or in some dishes proposed by the chef and in some cocktails at the bar, where you can als taste our Nocellara Olives in brine.

- Organic juices, for breakfast, to enjoy healthy and tasty Sicily.

Products grown using the organic farming method in our Canalotto Farm. For an hospitality experience that offers healthy and zero-kilometer products, with the unmistakable flavor that comes from the Sicilian sun and organic farming.

Watch for more information on Canalotto Farm and the online shop organic products grown on the farm, including PERFECTUM organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our chefs will offer you refined culinary experiences, in exclusive environments and unforgettable views.


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Vallegrande Nature Resort - Cefalù Sant'Ambrogio

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