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Jitan Mediterranean Mood & View:

two dishes that are an expression of Sicilian cuisine

Sicilian cuisine that respects tradition with modernity, to best enhance the typical flavors of the island
Here is a special place to dine with a splendid view of the sea of the Gulf of the Zingaro Nature Reserve: it is Jitan – Mediterranean Mood & View, the restaurant of the Baglio la Porta Resort, known for its excellent cuisine and the suggestive location.

You can start by taking a pre-dinner aperitif at sunset, to kick off what will surely become an unforgettable experience with dinner, where you can enjoy a selection of typical local dishes, created by Chef Giuseppe Perrone and her highly trained kitchen team, which prefers fresh and organic local products.

This is the ideal place to enjoy elegant and refined dishes based on typical Sicilian traditional ingredients, with the addition of a modern twist: fragrant citrus fruits, freshly caught fish, extra virgin olive oil, revisited traditional pastas , couscous and much more.

Here are two dishes you absolutely must try, which represent a very high point of expression of Sicilian haute cuisine, which draws on tradition while also looking at modernity, to create dishes that are almost true works of art.


Busiate with tomato, aubergines and salted ricotta

What may apparently seem like a simple pasta with vegetables becomes a great expression of traditional Sicilian cuisine, thanks to the expert hands of Chef Simona Salamone: the characteristics of the seasonal ingredients, i.e. rigorously fresh tomatoes and aubergines, are completed with the addition of salted ricotta, a cheese that gives body and a pinch of saltiness to the entire dish.

In addition to the typically Mediterranean flavours, there is another detail that makes this dish typically Sicilian: the use of busiate as a type of pasta. It is a type of long macaroni originating in the province of Trapani, which takes its name from the so-called "busa", a Sicilian word that indicates the stem of ampelodesmos mauritanicus, a local herb used to prepare this type of pasta and obtain the characteristic helical shape.

Sesame tuna on potato, caper and basil salad

Tuna is one of the most appreciated products and widely used in local cuisine, furthermore it is closely linked to the tradition of this land and its history, just think

are once Sicily was full of tuna fisheries, establishments dedicated precisely to fishing for bluefin tuna, the species most sought after by lovers of this fish, as it is the most prized. This dish has its roots in the Trapani culinary tradition, also adding a touch that recalls Arab culture, thanks to the addition of sesame to create a coating that goes excellently with the flavor of tuna, furthermore there are also two ingredients typical of Sicilian cuisine: capers and basil.

This dish takes the best of Sicily and transforms it into a hymn to the food and wine history of the island.

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