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San Vito Lo Capo: 3 tips for a dream vacation

If you are looking for a destination for a regenerating holiday, San Vito Lo Capo is the ideal place: you can visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and Sicily, try the best dishes of local cuisine and go on dream excursions to the famous ZingaroNatural Reserve , both on foot and by boat. Here you can immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, where nature and tradition blend together to create a blend of absolute harmony. To help you organize your next trip, we have seen fit to collect 3 tips for a dream holiday in San Vito Lo Capo here.

Enjoy the reading!

1 - How to get to San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is located between Palermo and Trapani, on the north side of the peninsula of the same name, where the Zingaro Reserve is also located, more precisely in the part of the coast that faces east. It is not a very easy place to reach, also for this reason it is a destination that is still in some ways exclusive. To reach these paradisiacal beaches the best route is the following: take a flight to the Palermo or Trapani airport, then from there take a shuttle to San Vito Lo Capo, or rent a car. To avoid any kind of problem and the consequent stress of travel, our Araja Villa & Suite by Geocharme, in San Vito Lo Capo, organizes comfortable transfers from the airports of Palermo and Trapani, in order to facilitate the arrival of tourists in San Vito and our structure.

2 - The beach of San Vito Lo Capo

The beach of San Vito Lo Capo is one of the most beautiful in all of Italy and Sicily: this is why it has become so famous in the world. Also this year it has received numerous awards, such as the famous Green Flag (children's beaches awarded by pediatricians), for which it is certainly a destination that potentially attracts many people during the high season. To avoid the crowd, especially in these delicate times, our Resort offers a service that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of this beach, without having to risk ending up in overcrowded places: at our reception you can book a reserved position on the beach of San Vito Lo Capo, so you can relax and get the best out of your stay in Sicily. Our Araja Villa & Suite is located only 3 kilometers from the beach of San Vito Lo Capo, not far from the town center. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful holiday, close to the most beautiful places, but with the possibility of getting away from the crowds of the summer months which pour into the streets of the town and onto the beach. To simplify your stay and make it even more relaxing, we have also organized transfers to reach the beach of San Vito Lo Capo.

3 - How to visit the Zingaro Reserve 

Araja Villa & Suite is located 3 kilometers from the famous Zingaro Natural Reserve, so it is the ideal place from which to plan excursions. Normally if you leave from Palermo or Trapani it takes a couple of hours to get to one of the two entrances. From Araja Villa & Suite, on the other hand, it is possible to reach the North entrance by car in a few minutes, from which you can admire the splendid Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo. In the event that our guests do not have their own vehicle, we also organize transfers to reach the Zingaro Reserve, to allow a stress-free excursion in total relaxation.