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Recommended landscape excursions near San Vito Lo Capo

Here are some truly exclusive landscape excursions, which will make your holiday a unique and unforgettable experience
The Resort Hotel Baglio La Porta Di San Gerardo is in an ideal position to organize many exclusive activities for exploring the area, which highlight areas hidden from the general public and which very few know very well.
Being a few kilometers from both the San Vito Lo Capo beach, one of the most beautiful in Italy and Sicily, and the Zingaro Reserve, a natural area protected by pristine waters, it is the ideal place for excursions unique and adventurous landscapes, for those who love getting lost and also experience strong emotions when travelling.

Guided or independent excursions; some organized by our tour operator Geotravel.
Let's see together what is possible for guests who want to make their trip to Sicily unforgettable, experiencing emotions that only a few have had the privilege of experiencing during their stay.

Trekking activities. And, for the adventurous, mountain biking and free climbing

In the beautiful setting of the Trapani Mountains it is possible to immerse yourself in the wildest nature, among the uncontaminated paths of the Zingaro Reserve, Monte Cofano and Monte Monaco.

The Hotel Baglio La Porta Di San Gerardo is the perfect place to explore Mediterranean nature, through memorable activities that are ideal for the most adventurous guests: Trekking, Mountain Bike and, for more daring, ​Free Climbing​. Exploring the surrounding area through one of these unique and exclusive ways leaves an indelible mark, both in spirit and in memory.

QUAD excursions in the San Vito Lo Capo area

A Quad excursion in the San Vito Lo Capo area is a unique experience, which allows you to transform a journey in the midst of uncontaminated nature into a splendid adventure, discovering landscapes and routes that will remain imprinted in your heart.

Through a trip on the four wheels of the Quad you will discover routes accessible to few, from which you can admire the Trapani mountains, the Sicilian vineyards and the inland valleys where very few have set foot, until you reach the coasts of one of the most iconic of the whole of Sicily and Italy.

Exploring Sicily by Quad is not only an experience to try at least once in a lifetime, but a real must for those who love getting lost in nature through an unconventional means.

If you want to organize a conventional or an unconventional landscape excursion, feel free to contact the reception of our Resort: we will make your dreams come true, allowing you to discover a hidden side of Sicily accessible to very few.

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