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Wellness at the Vallegrande Nature Resort:

massage ritual

An experience of wellbeing thanks to our massages

Our property offers a unique setting for a holiday of pure relax: on the one hand the beauty of the Madonie Park, on the other the splendid sea of Cefalù. If the harmony of nature is not enough, the Vallegrande Nature Resort offers a service dedicated to wellness lovers: the Massage Ritual.

The skilled hands of wellness professionals of our staff will take care of you: you can experience a deep sense of relax thanks to the strong but gentle tactile stimulation, which combined with the rhythmicity and depth of the massage will make you enter a state of deep peace and serenity. At the Vallegrande Nature Resort our customers can live experiences of intense wellbeing, able to make all the tensions related to the routine of daily life disappear.

The massage is not just a massage, but it becomes a ritual that allows you to reach a state of relaxing pleasure of superior quality. Let's see together how long they are expected to last and what are the proposed massages, performed by our expert staff to help you regain precious energy and tone the tissues.


Total Body Relaxing Massage - Total Duration: 50 min

A relaxing massage performed with essential oils, to soothe the sense of fatigue, relieve pain and dissolve any sign of muscle tension. Perfect for those who want to drastically reduce their stress level.


Relaxing Massage Partial - Total Duration: 30 min

A localized massage on the back, legs or chest, to dissolve any sign of tension on a specific particularly tired area. Being very specific, it allows you to act more effectively and precisely on a particularly tired area.


Foot Massage - Total Duration: 30 min

A massage that acts through firm pressures in specific areas of the foot, to give an impulse of vitality and a widespread well-being to the whole body. Particularly suitable for those who tend to have swollen feet at the end of the day, or for those who have explored the wonders of Palermo on foot all day and are looking for comfort and relief.


Bamboo Massage - Total Duration: 50 min

A unique decontracting massage, performed with special natural bamboo canes, able to have both an invigorating and draining effect at the same time.


Anti-Cellulite Massage - Total Duration: 40 min

A massage performed with special anti-cellulite creams, which stimulates the lymphatic system and allows the relaxation of the leg muscles, to combat water retention in an effective and extremely pleasant way.