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Jacaranda Restaurant: traditions and food innovations

You may find sicilian traditional food with a modern touch and the Cous Cous, typical dish from North-Africa, now part of our culture in Trapani area. Taste our specialties in the most special place, San Vito lo Capo beach, in our restaurant Jacaranda, known for our excellent cuisine and wonderful location.


Experience in Hotel and Restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo

Your perfect experience starts from the sunset with a fantastic Aperitivo in front of beautiful sea colors. Jacaranda Restaurant is a Must before the evening darkness comes, to admire the water and the sky magic colors, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere thanks to the view, the background lounge music and good cocktails.

Aperitivo leads off the unforgettable experience of the dinner, where you taste the local specialties rivisited with creativity and art of plating by our Chef and his team, who use high quality fresh local products. Our Hotel with Restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo is the ideal place where you find elegant and refined dishes made of typical ingredients of Sicilian tradition by adding a modern twist: very flavoured citrus, Extravirgin oil, traditional first courses, second courses and desserts and the inevitable Cous Cous.


Cous Cous in San Vito Lo Capo

Cous cous is the main traditional dish in Maghreb (expecially in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco e Lybia). From Africa, it arrived in Sicily (becoming part of gastronomic tradition expecially in Trapani) thanks to the Arab domination that began in the nineteenth century and symbolizes integration and peace between peoples.

Cous cous found the perfect place to be celebrated, here in San Vito Lo Capo: the famous and international Cous Cous Fest, which occurs every year in September.

This Berber dish has taken in Sicily its own connotations: meat is replaced with local fish and it is steamed in a special clay pot, glazed and divided into two parts: in the lower part the fish broth while in the upper part the semolina "incocciato" in a coarser way than in the Maghrebian way.


 Cous Cous with fish and vegetables

Its preparation is long and demanding, but the result is absolutely worth trying. The semolina is “incucciata” which means that with the addition of a few drops of water and the skilled hands of the Chef, it begins to aggregate to form small grains with a diameter of about 2 millimeters. After this process begins the cooking and preparation of the fish soup. The addition of aromas and almonds gives the couscous a flavor that has its roots simultaneously in the Arab and Sicilian culinary tradition, a cultural mix with an irresistible flavor. An interesting variant of fish is that of vegetables, not to be confused with the vegetable taboulè: the latter, in fact, is a cold dish, as opposed to couscous which is served hot and implies a much longer and more accurate processing. A dish that represents a very high point of expression of Sicilian haute cuisine, which draws on tradition while also looking at modernity and which, symbolically, carries the unforgettable flavor of integration.

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