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What to see in Cefalù: walking itinerary to discover the town

Cefalù is one of the treasures of Sicily: its sea and its history make it a must for anyone who wants to organize a trip to Trinacria. This is the ideal place for both a relaxing and cultural holiday.

The Hotel Vallegrande Nature Resort Cefalù is the perfect place to stay, thanks to its location between woods and sea just 7 km from Cefalù: close enough to get to the town in less than 5 minutes, enough distance to enjoy some 'of peace when seeking refreshment.

Let's see together now what to see in Cefalù, through a walking itinerary between history, sea and culture.


1st stop: the Cefalù seafront

The first stage of this route allows you to see Cefalù in all its magnificence, including the fortress overlooking the village. It starts from Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina and goes on to via Vittorio Emanuele, where the town begins. This relaxing walk always offers unforgettable views.


2nd stop: the former Medieval Washhouse

Once in via Vittorio Emanuele you begin to breathe the suggestive atmosphere of the town, among the old houses and some souvenir shops. At a certain point you may notice a hidden gem, or the Medieval Washhouse which is accessed via a small staircase.

In this place, preserved until today, the waters of the Cefalino river flow together, moreover you can admire three ancient and small basins where in the past the clothes were washed by hand, this being a public wash house. The Medieval Washhouse was famous for its pure waters, because according to a legend the Cefalino river was born from the tears of a desperate Nymph for having killed her beloved.


3rd stop: Porta Pescara

Going on beyond the Medieval Washhouse, you can easily reach Porta Pescara, where one of the most iconic views of the sea in all of Cefalù and the whole of Sicily opens up. It is an opening from which the sea is visible, but which at sunset is tinged with a magical and dreamy atmosphere. A stop with a souvenir photo here is mandatory.


4th stop: the Capo Marchiafava Bastion

Continue your walk in via Carlo Ortolani di Bordonaro, then, after a few tens of meters, you will find on the left the Bastion of Capo Marchiafava, a part of the ancient fortification system that protected the city. Here too the view of the sea is particularly impressive.


5th stop: the Cathedral of Cefalù

Leave the Bastion of Marchiafava behind you and continue along Corso Ruggero, one of the most important streets in Cefalù. After a few steps you will arrive in the town hall square, where the Cathedral is also located, while behind it, higher up, you can also see the fortress.