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Hotel Groups and Hospitality in Sicily

Hotel groups create hospitality models that affect satisfaction in the tourism sector. The identity of a hotel group and the reputation of the service offered is essential in this sector. It is aimed at quality of our well-being and well-being of the customer. Being attentive to the needs of the guest and promoting wellness experiences is a must for every single hotel and should be the core of the corporate philosophy of hotel groups. The ritual of hospitality, the attitudes and services that follow, should be planned with care and be provided with responsibility and authenticity at every day basis, considering all possible improvements. Only the hotel brand characterized by its hospitality philosophy, can get to become notable in touristic sector increasingly influenced by guest reviews due to the services offered by a hotel.  

Hotel marketing and image of a group Brand Management is the core of hotel marketing. Today, in the world of hospitality, the perception the customer is gaining looking at the name or logo of a company is essential. This perception depends above all on 2 elements:

- the "true" identity of the brand, that is composed of set of values, characteristics, passions, objectives, skills, motivation, culture and actions that delineate a precise corporate entity (Brand Identity)

- the methods of communication acepted by a company, underlining the image of the brand externally: the logo, the type of communication used on the site and social channels, the methods of institutional communication, etc. (Brand Name, Brand Reputation).

Working to create a perception of quality is really the primary goal of a hotel brand, is the prerequisite to create a positive reputation and to create a relationship of trust with the guest. Starting with these elements, as well as the consistency between the communication that the brand makes by itself and the quality of the services provided, the final choice made by the customer is determined. For these reasons, following marketing actions in the hotel sector are fundamental:

- Clarify the identity of the brand exactly ‘I am a part to the staff’, transferring philosophy and customer-oriented values

- Have competent hospitable staff, that apart from the knowledge and skills required, manifest appropriate attitudes aimed at welcoming

- Communicate externally through a well-kept website, both in texts and images, marking not only the uniqueness of the logo but all above the brand philosophy

- Communicate externally across all social networks to share information, experiences, discussions

- Ensure consistency between the organisational culture and the actions actually carried out and ensure consistency of communication between the website and social media

- Constantly monitor the brand’s reputation, including by responding to reviews and comments due to total transparency.


Geocharme: a Sicilian hotel brand

Geocharme Luxury Collection - Small Hotels & Villas Philosophy is a Sicilian hotel brand: an established company that is proud of a collection consisting of 6 Boutique Hotels, 7 Luxury Villas, 5 Gourmet Restaurants and Spa, in fascinating natural and urban settings, in Sicily. Other facilities of our chain are under reconstruction, 2 boutique Hotels, 1 restaurant and a Spa will be opened in the spring of 2021. Geocharme, aware that the excellence of hospitality depends on several factors. We have been working constantly for years to define better the corporate identity and take care of every aspect of hospitality, without leaving anything to chance and without leaving anything out of our attention. The quality perceived by the guests has produced accumulated positive commercial effects, making Geocharme one of the most established Hotel Groups in Sicily, recognizable and distinguishable brand compared to the competition.

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