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Geocharme: Hotel Management in Sicily

Gèo from the Greek γεω which means "earth, terrestrial globe, terrestrial surface" and charme, from the Latin carme which means "spell formula": these are the two words that, put together, form the name chosen by the Sicilian hotel brand Geocharme. This name reflects the entire philosophy of Geocharme: respect for the nature and the territory, through a practice that almost seems to evoke a spell, our hotel brand operates both in hotel management in Sicily and in the design and renovation of accommodation facilities. Both spaces are dedicated to hospitality (receptions, rooms, restaurants, villas, etc.), as well as spaces dedicated to relaxation and wellness (spa and relaxation areas). The charm is getting through precise procedures, tools and skills, dedicated to these purposes. Let’s discover them into details.



Hotel management in Sicily

As for the hotel management in Sicily, Geocharme considers the complex accommodations and intervenes of all levels: the selection of staff, the subsequent training of new team; the economic analysis, income and expenses verification of each sector starting with the selling price of the single rooms and the ancillary services offered such as food & beverage; trend analysis and implementation of marketing and promotion strategies. Geocharme manages small and medium sized hotels, resorts and luxury villas as well. In addition to the scruple dealing with every single detail, Geocharme has always brought new ideas, projects and development, creativity and innovation, with the aim of generating well-being both for our guests and human resources that contribute to ensuring the quality of management.


Design and renovation

To the entire context of the hotel industry catering and wellness should be included as well, Geocharme deals with architecture, designing new ones and renovating existing. Geocharme first of all carefully chooses the location; it should be particular immersed in the beauty of the landscape or in the charm of urban contexts structures. The structures that Geocharme chooses to renovate should have those characteristics that management considers essential to operate: places with great potential, which will be best exploited with attention and care. Geocharme, in fact, deals with interior design activities and landscape architecture, keeping faith with the indissoluble union between land and magic, between nature and charm: elegance and functionality together, attention to detail in the interior spaces and exaltation of the external beauties through the care of the gardens and the beauty of these places.


Advice for accommodation facilities

Experience and know-how in these areas are essential qualities for a consultancy activity that is essential to accommodation facilities. You can’t improvise in the hospitality industry. That’s why Geocharme also carries out consultancy activities in the field of hospitality management, which involves management control, training, the choice of specific hotel software and all aspects of communication, in terms of web strategy, web design and management of social media.

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