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The History of Palazzo Liberty

Palazzo Liberty Unique Hotel is one of the iconic buildings of Palermo's Liberty architecture: it is the careful restoration of Palazzo Ammirata, built in the early 20th century according to the design of architect Francesco Paolo Rivas.

The palace, due to its uniqueness, is mentioned in all books on Liberty in Palermo, and photos of its details abound on the web and on specialized sites such as

It was commissioned by Francesco Ammirata who, to build the palace using Art Nouveau techniques, acquired a boat from which he took wood and iron.

Since 2021, Geocharme Luxury Collection has undertaken the important restoration work of this building, which is a protected asset under Legislative Decree 42/2004 (Regional Directorate Decree no. 8811 of 20.06.06).

The restoration has brought the historic palace back to its ancient splendor: its imposing facade, adorned with glazed ceramics featuring floral and geometric motifs; the concrete and plaster decorations executed by Li Vigni; the paintings by Rosario Spagnolo, imitating mosaic, along the eaves of the roof. Not to mention the angular polygonal tower, the sloping roof supported by brackets, and the sinuous wrought iron railings. Last but not least, the revival of the red plaster on the first floor, reminiscent of the polychrome architectures of the master Damiani Almeyda. Inside, there are some testimonies of its illustrious past: the decorated ceilings and the floors of yesteryears, combined with an innovative yet respectful touch of style.

Palazzo Liberty is an essential stop for those visiting Palermo, offering an unforgettable experience in the heart of the city.