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Noto, Ragusa, Modica and Scicli

Tour in Baroque Sicily and the sea

One of the most beautiful itineraries in Sicily is the route that from Noto leads to the province of Ragusa, up to its wonderful beaches. It is a journey full of spectacular images and experiences:

- Baroque cities, Unesco Heritage;
- 20 km of sea, in the province of Ragusa, between gentle cliffs and wide beaches.
Noto, Ragusa, Modica and Scicli are certainly the symbolic cities of these beauties, for their monuments and historic buildings. However, Palazzolo Acreide and Ispica should not go unnoticed either, small pearls of high expression of Sicilian Baroque. Tourists often visit Noto and, unaware of other locations, stop here. On the contrary, the tour has just begun and it is absolutely necessary to continue to Ragusa.


Ragusa: in the heart of the Val di Noto

Ragusa Ibla is the ancient part of the city, the highest expression of the Baroque in Sicily. It is famous all over the world for its more than fifty churches and numerous palaces that will leave you speechless. The rich architecture in local limestone takes the form of columns and capitals, volutes, statues and decorations of all kinds.


Modica: elegant city and lush countryside

Just 15 km from Ragusa is Modica, another city with an important historical and noble past. The structure of Modica in the historic center is medieval in style, but it is the late Baroque that finds expression in the architecture of historic buildings and churches. You will not only be fascinated by the city, but also by the surrounding countryside. Starting from Ragusa, in fact, the roads of the province are bordered by marvelous dry stone walls: walls built with stones of various shapes and sizes, fitted together manually and without the use of binders.


Scicli: the most beautiful city in the world

Finally, 10 km from Modica is Scicli, so beautiful that the writer Elio Vittorini, in his book The cities of the world, defined it as "the most beautiful". Visiting Scicli means taking a dive into the past, among baroque churches, historic buildings and ancient narrow streets.
Furthermore, these destinations have also become famous thanks to the television series Il Commissario Montalbano. In these urban centers, in the countryside and on the coast, you can find the views and landscapes of Vigata and Montelusa, as well as the seaside village where the commissioner's house is located, Punta Secca. In fact, from Scicli the territory opens towards the sea. Here there are four villages: Donnalucata, Sampieri, Cava d'Aliga and Playa Grande.
Twenty kilometers of crystal clear sea, to relax during the unmissable stages of this holiday.
And for trekking lovers, this part of Sicily is also full of splendid naturalistic areas: you can explore the Irminio River Reserve, between Donnalucata and Marina di Ragusa, or stroll in the Mangiagesso Park, a protected area located between Scicli and Modica. The province of Ragusa allows, in fact, to combine a cultural holiday with a naturalistic and relaxing holiday.


When to go and where to stay

The best time to visit these cities and their surroundings is from April. In addition to the beauty of spring, events and parties begin that continue throughout the summer.
Pietra d'Acqua Natural Retreat & Spa Resort has a strategic position and, also for this reason, it is the ideal place to stay. The resort is located a few minutes from Scicli, Modica, Ragusa Ibla, Noto and the beaches of the province of Ragusa.
Just 2 km from Sampieri beach! Therefore, it represents the perfect place from which to dedicate 1 or 2 days to each of these stages; and the ideal place to return to for a well-deserved relaxation in the pool, in the Spa, in the Restaurant and, finally, in the charming room where you can recharge for the next day.