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The rooms of Pietra d'Acqua

Tradition, elegance and comfort

When you are on holiday, you would like to experience maximum relaxation and well-being, for this reason, you have to feel comfortable in an environment. To ensure this kind of service to our guests, our hotel is paying a great attention to all details. The rooms of Pietra d'Acqua Natural Retreat & Spa Resort are an excellent expression of the Geocharme style, perfect in each detail that makes our guests holiday experience correspond to expectations and even "more"! Opened the doors of any of our hotel rooms you may find yourself feeling privacy, quiet and reserved comfort that is also extremely elegant and comfortable. The view from the rooms is particularly attractive and can be different. There are some rooms with internal garden view; others with the landscape view, typical Ragusa countryside; others are with sea of Sampieri view. Let’s look through together in details the offers of our hotel. Our rooms for sure can please even the most demanding guests with refreshment and privacy, comfort and charm as well.


The Deluxe room is a double room, is about 20 - 25 square meters, you may see here a modern and functional design that it is combined with the ancient stone and both elegant and refined atmosphere.

Deluxe Premiere

The Deluxe Premiere Room is a double-room of about 25 square meters. Some structural elements are so beautiful, that they make the room even more attractive and welcoming than the Deluxe. There are large stone walls or stone arches in some Deluxe Premieres Rooms that further enrich the room design. There is a private garden in other rooms that provides our clients with more privacy and permit to enjoy the beauty of an outdoor space. It is perfect for charm and relaxed staying.

Superior Terrace

There is the Superior Terrace Room, that is another very particular sophisticated double room where the elegance of modern design is combined with traditional elements of great charm. A large terrace looking the garden of the Hotel and the sea of Sampieri is a huge advantage.


With the Executive Room here we start to consider the larger size rooms. It is very comfortable and beautiful room; it is about 25 - 30 square meters. The room can be considered double or triple. It consists of a single room with a double bed and a sofa bed of 90 cm. It is suitable for 3 adults as well.

Executive Premiere

The Executive Premiere Room is larger and more refined. It is double or triple room of about 38 sqm. Two rooms are separated by an arch and stone wall. There are double bed and a sofa-bed of 90 cm. The room design is particularly refined and welcoming, it is ideal for comfortable and charming staying.


For guests looking for more spacious room, there is the Suite Room. It is about 40 square meters and consists of two rooms separated by a door that ensures the desired privacy: a double bedroom and a living room with a sofa-bed of 2 pieces. The room is suitable for 4 adults. Suite Room is a beautiful large room with precious structural elements and furniture that provides particular charm.

Pool Villa

Pietra d'Acqua Hotel would like to offer our guests an absolute privilege as a Pool Villa as well. It is a 60 sqm Villa with 2 bedrooms and private pool. It is a mix of privacy and refinement at the territory of our Resort. The Villa’s charm consists of its design, context and felling of privacy. There are two rooms, they are 2 double or twin bedrooms, each contains own bathroom. The rooms are separated with a living room with a window that opens onto a patio and a private pool. The private garden is surrounded by greenery and yard. The furniture, apart of being functional, is particularly sophisticated. The Villa may accommodate up to 4 adults. It's up to you to choose and experience our wonderful staying!