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Canalotto Farm

Canalotto Farm is a farm where we grow Olive Trees (from which an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PERFECTUM, is produced), different varieties of citrus fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime), tropical plants (mango, avocado, guava) and ornamental plants. In this amazing park, stand out 5 Villas of great charm, each with swimming pool, and at a distance between them that ensures privacy.

Canalotto Farm is located in the Sicilian countryside of Castelvetrano (TP), a few kilometers from the archaeological park of Selinunte and the sea of Menfi. In all, the beds available in the Farm are 50.

The 5 Villas are:
Torre Canalotto
Scuderie del falco

The context, a few kilometers from the sea, is ideal for a holiday in the middle of Nature, to do Experiential tourism, Yoga or other activities for psychophysical wellbeing.

The products, grown with the organic farming method, are used in the restaurats of the Geocharme hotels and can be savored in our villas.

Watch for info about Canalotto Farm and its organic products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil PERFECTUM, tropical fruits, citrus, honey & marmelade