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Excursions & tours

Discovering Sicily is an unmissable experience! Trekking and tours, independently or with a guide, have been designed for you.

Geotravel, of the Geocharme Luxury Collection group, offers you:

- an app if you want to move independently, but on appropriately marked paths and with the indication and description of the points of interest that you will find along the route;

- excursions and tours, with expert guides of the area (subject to reservation and based on availability), who will accompany you to discover the area, taking advantage of their in-depth knowledge.

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Discover the surroundings with our app

A simple, immediate and effective way to admire Sicily in autonomy

Contact Geotravel on +39 3517249950 to find out about our proposals and for information on how to download the app. At the reception you can purchase the chosen experience.

Guided excursions and tours

Trust a guide who will introduce you to the area through trekking or cultural tours

Contact Geotravel on +39 3517249950 to find out about these experiences when making your hotel reservation, check availability and purchase the experience.