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Experiential tourism in Sicily

Experience in an organic farm

For many people, "traveling" doesn't just mean lying on a beach, visiting a tourist site or a museum.

Traveling is not simply a break from the daily routine, but it is the possibility of living a unique experience, never lived before, unrepeatable and unforgettable! Experiential tourism, for this reason, is a growing trend.

There are different types of experiential tourism. For example:

- gastronomic tourism, to discover various types of culinary experiences; among these: walking tours to discover street food, wine tastings, visits to specific restaurants and even cooking classes.

- cultural tourism, to experience local cultural rituals or spend time with the locals.

- the luxury experience, to spend time in luxurious homes or hotel rooms.

- the Farm experience, to immerse yourself in the natural context of a farm and experience it to the full, walking among the crops, tasting the products, discovering the smells and flavors.



Organic farm experience & Luxury villas

Canalotto Farm is an organic farm located in south-western Sicily, in Castelvetrano, a few kilometers from the Selinunte National Park and the beaches of Selinunte and Menfi.

Olive trees are grown on the farm, from which the tasty Nocellara cultivar olive is harvested and from which the excellent PERFECTUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced.

Numerous citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, grapefruits and mandarins.

Tropical fruit plants such as avocado, mango, passion fruit and guava are thriving.

Among these crops there are also beehives, from which a particular orange blossom and mango honey is obtained.

Well, in these 20 hectares of Sicilian countryside there are 5 beautiful Geocharme Luxury Collection Villas, where you can stay to live a unique experience: luxury and farm experience together! The 5 country houses with swimming pool, in fact, are luxury villas located right inside the organic farm: ideal for enjoying the luxury of a villa with swimming pool in Sicily, but also for tasting the products, experiencing the scents, the flavors and harvest periods of the cultivated fruits. Just book a stay in a Villa, with family or friends, but also with a larger group of people, to spend a few days on the farm and be guided among the crops by those who take care of the fruits of the earth with the method of organic farming.

Situations capable of transmitting the authenticity of the territory and the traditions of the place in a simple and natural, non-artificial way. Unique experiences, in which in addition to the traveler, Nature and Charm are also the protagonists!