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Politeama Theater in Palermo: What to Do in the Area and Where to Stay

Are you planning a trip to Palermo and want to visit the center? Here's what to do, what to see and where to stay in the Politeama district

Palermo is a lively and pulsating city, where each area has a soul that distinguishes it from the others. The Politeama district, which takes its name from the theater of the same name, is no exception: it represents the most aristocratic and refined part of the center of Palermo. From here, you can visit some pearls of the Sicilian capital - some in plain sight and others more hidden -, immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the shopping and cultural streets, and finally discover one of the most elegant and exclusive sides of the city.


1 - The Politeama Garibaldi Theater

The Politeama Garibaldi Theater is one of the most beautiful and famous in Palermo: its elegant and classic lines dominate Piazza Ruggero Settimo, which is also called Piazza Politeama. Inaugurated in 1874, it is located in the center of Palermo and is a must for both architecture, art and theater lovers.


2 - The Massimo Theater

The Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theater is a hymn to elegance and refinement: the halls, galleries, staterooms and monumental stairways embellish the theater, giving life to an architectural complex of majestic proportions. It is the largest opera house in Italy and the third largest in Europe.


3 - The Church of the Immaculate Conception

The Church of the Immaculate Conception is a building still consecrated, built following the dictates of the Baroque style, which represents a worthy example.It is located in the characteristic Capo district, famous for its colors and its local market, not far from Porta Carini. The interior of the church shines not only for the marbles, but also for the four precious frontals with polychrome marble inlay, real hidden pearls in the heart of Palermo.


4 - A walk around Via Ruggero Settimo

Via Ruggero Settimo is one of the main and most important streets of Palermo, so much so that it is considered its good living room: here there are the most exclusive boutiques and nearby are the key places of commerce and business, not to mention the presence of refined and sophisticated places, such as the AROMI Mediterranean Mood Restaurant & Lounge Bar.


Where to stay in the Politeama area: the Hotel Federico II Central Palace

To visit Politeama district and the center of Palermo, the best choice is certainly to stay at our hotel, the Hotel Federico II Central Palace, which thanks to its position allows you to reach in a few minutes and on foot several sites of historical and artistic interest, as well as the main shopping streets. Our Hotel embodies the spirit of Sicily, a land of harmonious contrasts and encounters of different cultures: the classic style is combined with a unique innovative design, to provide maximum comfort and well-being to those staying in Palermo for business or pleasure.

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