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AROMI Restaurant Mood: 2 Sicilian pasta dishes that combine land and sea

The AROMI Mediterranean Mood Restaurant is the ideal place to savor typical Sicilian dishes, presented in an innovative way while remaining strongly anchored in tradition. Every day, both for lunch and dinner, you can appreciate the flavors of our land through a carefully chosen menu selected by our chef, who will guide you on a culinary journey among the excellences produced in Trinacria.

The AROMI Mediterranean Mood Restaurant is open to both guests of the Hotel Federico II in Palermo and external visitors. One of the strengths of our menu is certainly the first courses, where two in particular stand out for their unique qualities, making them an excellent example of Sicilian cuisine that combines land and sea.


Trofie with baby squid in tumminia bread sauce

Trofie is a type of fresh pasta typical of Italian tradition, which in this case merges and is enriched by the enhancement of typical Sicilian flavors: baby squid, representing the sea and its scents, and tumminia bread, prepared with an ancient wheat that recalls the land and popular tradition. Of course, the fish served in our AROMI Mediterranean Mood Restaurant is always extremely fresh because a dish that embodies excellence arises only from ingredients of excellent quality. The savory taste of the squid and its flavor bring back the hints of the sea, in a dish where the lean meat of this mollusk pairs well with the taste of tumminia bread sauce, a rustic and intense flavor that recalls the Sicilian countryside and the vast wheat fields that tint our land yellow. From the balance between two typical ingredients, an union is born that well represents the history of traditional Sicilian cuisine in an innovative and unexpected way.


Casarecce with swordfish, mint, and fried eggplant

Here is a great first course, typical of Sicilian cuisine: casarecce with swordfish, mint, and fried eggplant. This is one of the most appreciated and widespread dressings along the coasts of our island, and beyond. Swordfish caught in the Sicilian Channel is one of the most precious raw materials: its prized meat is perfect for a large number of kitchen preparations, and it pairs very well with the unique taste of eggplant, which, once fried, acquires a wonderful texture and softness. This dish also intelligently balances the flavors of the sea and land, where the full and delicate taste of swordfish, reminiscent of white meats, harmoniously combines with that of fried eggplant. Finally, the skillfully dosed mint adds a touch of freshness that brings balance to the entire recipe.