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What does Luxury Villas mean?

Choose the ideal accommodation in Sicily

For an unforgettable and exclusive trip to Sicily the Geocharme Collection offers various alternatives: in addition to the Hotels also the Luxury Sicily Villas, luxury villas with swimming pool in exclusive locations on the island, some within a suggestive and well-kept Farm organic, others near the sea or in the Egadi and Aeolian Islands.

These are solutions for staying in Sicily with attention to every detail, designed for those who demand a superior quality of service during their stay, or are simply looking for an escape from the chaos with privileged solutions.

But what exactly are luxury villas? How can you recognize a structure of this type? To answer we must first take a step back...

What is a villa?

Originally the term "Villa" was used by the Romans to define luxury homes, which the patricians used to escape routine and relax. These were estates built in breathtaking locations, set in splendid landscapes, with fountains, gardens, swimming pools and sometimes even vineyards.
Since then, the function and idea of the villa have evolved over time, depending on the various historical eras, for example from the Middle Ages these structures became elegant country houses of a higher class.
In the contemporary world, a villa can refer to a structure of various types and sizes, which can also be rented as a residence or for holidays, which is why in some cases they are also called "holiday homes".

What is meant by luxury villa?

By reading the previous paragraph you will surely have understood that the concept of luxury villa refers somewhat to the original concept of the times of the ancient Romans, i.e. the villa intended as a luxury residence for the elite, usually used as a second home.
Today, luxury villas mean this type of exclusive experience, in structures built in unique locations, equipped with numerous comforts and large spaces.
Even today, as in the past, luxury villas are equipped with swimming pools and splendid gardens, and sometimes they are immersed in countryside or landscape settings so beautiful that they seem like real paintings.
Obviously these villas are also equipped with a staff ready to fulfill guests' wishes and there is no shortage of functional appliances and an offer of services to guarantee the highest possible level of comfort:
- a chef who, in the villa, will prepare one or more special dinners or who will simply allow you to taste the local specialties in excellent company;
- tastings organized within the organic farm, to learn about the products grown and packaged on the farm;
- guided walks to discover the crops and excursions in the surrounding area, to discover Sicily.

The interiors then reflect the great value of the property, in fact luxury villas are often furnished with great care, with exclusive designer pieces.
Our Luxury Sicily Villas fully satisfy all these characteristics, to satisfy the most demanding guests, those who know what they want and those who want to treat themselves to an unforgettable stay in luxury and relax.